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Big Brother 1x3

BB1 Ep #3

George, the dad from Illinois, and Curtis, the lawyer, get up early and dig up the residents’ $100 prize in the garden.

The challenge today is fashioning a clock using two raw potatoes as the battery. The chore would bore even an eager Cub Scout to tears; the audience could be forgiven for noting that the “”Survivor”” producers had their cast eating bulbous maggots at this point.

The kids are going to get sick of having Mom and Dad around. Over breakfast, George gives an impassioned speech about his children: “”That’s my life, raising my family,”” he says. “”You should know, it’s not the sexual things, it’s the companionship,”” he continues earnestly. Wonder if his wife feels the same way. He finally begins to cry. “”I’ve never been away from them,”” he bawls.

This sends Karen to the confession room again, crying as well. She has been in the house all of 24 hours and it’s her second visit. George seems genuinely to miss his family; Karen, by contrast, is carrying a lot of negative emotional ba

Jul. 07, 2000

Big Brother season 1