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The Block NZ 1x1

Episode 1

The four couples meet for the first time and are given the task of finding one of four Mazda BT50s before making their way around Auckland to locate four red blocks each that are worth $5,000 and reach the Block first to determine the order the houses are chosen.

After finding the first red block, teams were given a choice to build a toolbox to the same standards as one previously built by Mark to earn a bonus red block, or to continue on the hunt and increase their chances of reaching the houses first. All four teams opted to complete this additional task and receive $25,000 in total.

Ginny and Rhys arrive first at the Block and select house four, Libby and Ben arrive second and select house three, Sarah and Richard arrive third and select house two and Rachel and Ty arrive last and are given house one.

Jul. 04, 2012

The Block NZ season 1