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The Challenge 1x1

Road Rules All Stars: Five Easy Pieces

Welcome to the first Real World / Road Rules Challenge. Some people claim that this isn’t a real challenge, but we are taking 5 Real Worlders and throwing them in Road Rules missions, so I’m gonna count that as a Real World / Road Rules Challenge.

We start off with- Eric from Real World New York riding a train, he claims that he had to think really hard to do another MTV show, but excited for the trip. On the way, the train will stop at separate stations and pick up the remaining 4 castmates. Next stop, we pick up- Jon from Real World Los Angeles They catch up on old times, Jon says he’s still trying to get a Country record deal, while Eric shows off that he doesn’t even sing and he received a record deal. Next stop, we see- Rachel from Real World San Francisco We learn that Rachel was involved in a serious car accident not too long before the challenge where she lost her boyfriend and two other friends. She has major scaring and rods in her right leg. Next stop, we re

May. 25, 2022

The Challenge season 1

  • 1x1
    Road Rules All Stars: Five Easy Pieces