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The Challenge 3x4

Snake Wrangling

We start off with both teams heading to Lexington Kentucky for their next mission. At the mission they are greeted by Keefla from Road Rules Australia. They are told they are gonna participate in a challenge that Keefla hated the most during his Road Rules taping. They have to deal with snakes, actually they have to go in a cage filled with hundreds of different kinds of snakes and wrangle out the particular ones their team is assigned. Amaya continues to aggrivate the Road Rules team, this time she admits to kicking their snakes into bushes. But the Road Rules team overcomes Amaya’s attacks and wins the mission anyways! Back in the bus, the teams find their second “”Bonus $6,000″” challenge. The challenge gives both teams a list of six different tasks where they can pick 3 to complete. The first team to complete the 3 tasks wins the bonus $6,000.

Feb. 07, 2000

The Challenge season 3