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The Challenge 3x5

Redneck Games

We head into this episode with Amaya flirting to a truck driver over the busses CB radio. He tells her that he loves big ol’ boobies and she said she has plenty of those. He tells her to meet him at the next truck stop only to see him drive by and honk, she waves as he drives away. They head off to Dublin Georgia to battle the next mission which they find out will be the Redneck Games. Both teams crack up as they hear the competitions and both are confidant that they will win. Round 1- “”Greasy Pig Catch”” In which the team that catches a greased up pig out of a pin first wins. Winners=Real World Round 2- “”Pie Eating”” The team that has the most members eat their whole pie in 5 minutes wins. Road Rules decides to make as much off a mess as possible and push as much of the pie on the floor as possible without being noticed. Road Rulers “”supposedly”” finshed all their pies first but the Real World team states that most of their pie is all over the floor and on the table.

Feb. 14, 2000

The Challenge season 3