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The Challenge 3x6

Mud Football

We start off with the teams finding out that their next mission will be a football game. David immediatly goes out and teaches Kat and Amaya some tips since they have no football experience at all. The Road Rulers are in their bus cracking up at Kat and Amaya dropping the ball every 2 seconds and they know they got this mission nailed. We then see Piggy on the phone with her boyfriend from home, they have a argument and she hangs up the phone crying. Holly takes her back to the bus but Piggy stops at the tent Teck had set up and climbs in. We hear her pour out to him about her jerky boyfriend and how much she wants to find the right man. The camera pulls away which makes viewers wonder if they messed around in the tent. On the Real World bus, Amaya makes sure that her team is not that hard on Kat and her since they’ve never played football. While on the Road Rules bus, they want to see Amaya leave the game on a stretcher.

Feb. 21, 2000

The Challenge season 3