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The Challenge 5x11

Rush Hour

We start off with Sean talking about how he met his wife Rachel on the first challenge- Road Rules: All Stars. He says they got married and have a beautiful daughter named Evita and another one on the way. He says he has huge debts with law school, and their bank account is pretty much running low. We also see Elka talking to her now fiance Walter. She says she loves him so much and can’t wait to start her life with him. At dinner, each team is given a kid’s puzzle called Rush Hour. This puzzle is the clue for their next mission. In the puzzle, there are cars lined up vertically and horizontal in a grid. The goal of the puzzle is to move the cars until you can get the specific colored car outta of the grid. Emily and Timmy feel they can kick butt at this competition. Playing the game, they get the car out first before everybody else. The following morning both teams are all still playing with the kids game.

Apr. 15, 2002

The Challenge season 5

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