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The Challenge 5x14


We start off with the Real World team at breakfast. When they first started the challenge, they all thought they had no chance at all to win. But now that they’re getting close to the end, they believe they can take it home! Sean comes up with the idea of a Real World person will team up with a Road Rules person, so that way if one team wins, they will share the chili’s money with their partner. That way everyone will walk home with something. Since Sean is a lawyer, the teams have picked him to draft up a contract. Tara says she’s so sure they’re gonna win that she doesn’t know if she wants to give up any of her money. That night, they get a message that their next mission will be at 10am tomorrow and they need to wear bathing suits, shorts, and sunscreen. We then see Emily talking on the phone with James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. She says after the last challenge they hooked up and been with eachother ever since.

May. 06, 2002

The Challenge season 5

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