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The Challenge 5x2

Hurricane Juliette

We start off with some clouds coming in and the wind getting alittle stronger by the minute. Theres talk of a Hurricane coming but they all hear that it’s just suppose to swing past them and head east. But the waves continue to get bigger and it gets uglier and uglier outside. Jisela goes off about Chadwick and Holly, saying that if she gets the chance to get in the Inner Circle, one of them are going home. The Road Rulers are tired of the villa saying that the tone set in the first Inner Circle has ruined the team, even Belou is crying to the Real World team beging to stay in their Villa. At Breakfast, darker clouds continue to roll in. Mark and Eric come in and say that rain is on the way, and the next mission doesn’t work well in the rain, so it has been cancelled and they just get to hang out for the rest of the day. Mike decides to be a Jack-A** and play in the 20 feet high waves, which scared Kelley to death and they scream for him to come out.

Feb. 11, 2002

The Challenge season 5

  • 5x1
    Hang Man Feb 04, 2002
  • 5x2
    Hurricane Juliette Feb 11, 2002
  • 5x3
    Who to Vote Off? Feb 18, 2002
  • 5x4
  • 5x5
    Vertical Limit Mar 04, 2002
  • 5x6
    Slam Dunk Mar 11, 2002
  • 5x7
    First Half Recap Mar 18, 2002
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