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The Challenge 5x4

Musical Inner-Tube Tango

We start right back in with the Inner-Tube Tango! People are going crazy, several people yell at Stephen cause he’s hitting to get to the tubes, even getting to the point where noone want to stand next to him in the dance line. Piggy and Chadwick were the first eliminated followed by- *Becky and Norman *Danny and Kelley *Mike & Coral, and Adam & Jisela are disqualified, due to the men holding onto another tube for their teammate. *Chris and Belou *Holly and Josh *Theo and Holly, Holly had a innertube and Stephen ripped it out of her hands and threw it away from her. *Timmy and Emily *Mike and Sharon are disqualified since Mike held onto a tube for Lindsey. *Dan and Tara *Mike and Flora We’re down to Sean & Elka and Stephen & Lindsey. Lindsey says she would be happy for Sean & Elka to take the guitar package, but Stephen wants it for himself. Elka said she would love the guitar for the love of her life- Walter.

Feb. 25, 2002

The Challenge season 5

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