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The Challenge 6x13

Stairway To Heaven

We start off with Emily commenting on that there is many girls at the challenge walking around in bikini tops and she can’t help but feel jealous and vulnerable that James would try to hook up with someone else. We then hear from Melissa and Ayanna that awhile back James helped Veronica move into her apartment and it’s rumored that they may have fooled around. They arrive at the mission site to find two sets of about six ladders strung together zigzagged going up to a platform hanging from a crane about 80 feet in the air. The mission is called “”Stairway To Heaven”” Along the ladder path there is different sections painted in different colors. They have a total of 1 minute to climb and for each section the contestant passes they earn 5 points for a total of 80 points possible if they make it to the top. The team that has the most points wins $1,000 for each teammate provided by Atari’s Mission Impossible.

Mar. 24, 2003

The Challenge season 6