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The Challenge 6x3

Sergeant Says

We begin with the ladies in a pow-wow for team unity where Gladys reveals that she’s pregnant. She’s so happy that she wants to share it with everyone and she says that she’ll know when it’s time to go home and she’ll happily do so because she’s so ready to be a mommy. Everyone is happy for her and Rachel from Campus Crawl points out that MTV picked the 18 toughest women to be in Jamaica and that they wouldn’t even be having this competition if nobody thought they had a chance to take the Chilis money home. They all believe they can win this thing and they end their meeting with their team chant, “”V*gina, V*gina, V*gina!”” The next morning, a drill sergeant wakes up both houses in the early hours of the morning. Puck, who chosed to stay in the women’s villa to keep distance from Dave, is late for roll call.

Jan. 06, 2003

The Challenge season 6